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fit20's rapid global expansion

fit20 is a rapidly expanding franchise and has licensed Master Franchisees in 12 countries across 5 continents operating 160+ studios. With its scalable franchise formula, fit20 offers a highly profitable business model that combines human expertise with cutting-edge technology in its boutique-style studios.

My mission is to add strength to the lives of as many people as possible so they can live fulfilling lives. Strength is a vital key for that. It changes everything.

Walter Vendel Founder fit20 Global Franchise

Leading B2C player with immense growth potential

fit20 franchise has established itself as a leading player in the B2C market currently training thousands of customers every day. With a proven track record of success and rapid expansion, the potential for growth in the B2B market is immense. There are numerous untapped market areas that present significant opportunities for expansion and profitability, making fit20 a compelling franchise opportunity for

entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach and capitalize on emerging trends. With a trusted and reputable brand they can take advantage of the growing demand for preventive health services while benefiting from the support and resources of a proven franchise system.

fit20 franchise studio

Unique compact studio size

fit20 studios' compact size (60-80 m²) presents a unique opportunity as it can be situated in a diverse range of locations. From Golf Clubs and retail spaces to shopping malls, shared office buildings, Retirement Villages, and even assisted living communities.

Bram Kroeske Co-founder fit20 Head of Training

The fit20 training is the best way to achieve and maintain a fit, strong and healthy body regardless of your age and fitness level.

Highly attractive B2B proposition

fit20's B2B proposition is highly attractive due to its ability to conveniently operate studios within large company premises, bringing numerous benefits to the employees. This arrangement leads to enhanced employee wellbeing and productivity, coupled with a reduction in sick leave, providing

significant emotional and financial advantages for the company. With fit20's innovative and proven approach to employee health, businesses can gain a competitive edge while making a positive impact on their employees' lives.

fit20’s untapped markets

Facility services companies

By adding fit20 to their service offerings, facility services companies can provide a comprehensive approach to employee health and wellbeing. This addition can set them apart from competitors and attract new business opportunities.

Preventive health services

Similarly, incorporating fit20 into their portfolios can be a lucrative move for physio and pharmacy chains, as it offers a unique and effective way to promote preventive health services. 

Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies can also benefit from including fit20 as an additional component, appealing to health-conscious tenants and improving property values. 


fit20 could be added as a premium shop-in-shop by existing fitness chains, thereby catering to a new market segment. 

​Strategic franchise diversification

For existing franchises seeking to diversify into the lucrative health and wellness market, fit20 provides an innovative and proven solution that sets them apart from competitors. With fit20's unique fitness approach franchises can tap into a new market segment and expand their offerings, increasing revenue streams. As more consumers prioritize their health and fitness, incorporating fit20 studios can be a smart and strategic move for franchises looking to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends. 

fit20 Global Franchise

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