A little bit of hope,

control and power

We lezen niet vaak een klantverhaal over een heel jonge fit20-er. Zeker niet over een Engelse jongen. Dit verhaal is zo bijzonder dat we het graag met jullie willen delen. Het is iets langer dan gebruikelijk én in het Engels maar zo de moeite van het lezen waard!

    fit20 has given Will a little bit of hope

William is a bright and funny 15 year old boy. Over the last 18 months, he has been suffering with a condition which looks very like paediatric rheumatoid arthritis (vertaling: kinderreuma). This means that he finds every day life a challenge. He feels sore in all of his joints all of the time.

William's condition, combined with his lack of muscle strength means that he cannot complete a normal teenage day. Will has not spent more than 3 hours at school for the last 18 months - which has been challenging and this also impacts on William's social life.

When I (his mum) asked if fit20 might work for him, Warwick from fit20 Edinburgh responded with the most enormous care and kindness. I spoke with William’s physio and Warwick took the time to consult with fit20 colleagues to take advice.

For the last 12 weeks or so, Will has attended fit20 every week. He started off very slowly and only on 3 machines. The weights were set very low, but this gave William the gift of being able to complete the routine. Each week, the routine has gently increased, or taken in different machines. Last week William did exercises on 5 machines - each at higher weights than he was originally able to complete!

Will still struggles to spend long at school - or go into town with his friends. What fit20 has given him is the confidence to see that his strength is improving week by week. The programme he is on is delivered with a high degree of care and professionalism.

Where endless hospital appointments have delivered no real answers - fit20 has given Will a little bit of hope. A little bit of control - and a little bit of power over his own recovery process.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Warwick and fit20 to anyone who would like a little bit more power.

Rosie Berridge (William’s moeder)

16 mei 2023