Successful and sound
business model

It is very satisfying when your members become stronger and fitter. If you run your studio well and work hard fit20 offers an attractive revenue model. We know exactly what you need to do and when to do it. Taking those steps will result in a well-functioning studio or, in the long run, multiple studios.

Your members

The fit20 training changes the lives of your members. Our target audience aims to stay active and is conscious about health. We would like to ski until we are 80 years old; I want to eliminate my back problems; we view fit20 as a necessary physical investment and no more tired legs at the end of a workday. These are just a few examples of the many positive customer stories.

My mission is to add strength to the lives of as many people as possible so they can live fulfilling lives. Strength is a vital key for that. It changes everything.

Walter Vendel Founder fit20 Global Franchise

Business model

fit20 applies a franchise fee for marketing and system support. The earnings model is appealing as you can generate income from the first day. Milestones will be rewarded. In a relatively short time you can open a second studio. You will arrange financing and contribute a small portion from your own capital to start your own fit20 studio.

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