Unique and proven
franchise formula

Thousands of fit20 participants around the world experience the strength of our formula every week. They feel stronger and fitter through the fit20 training, regardless of age or fitness level. But more importantly, they stick with it! Many fit20 enthusiasts have shared their results with us. We are super proud of that.

Bram Kroeske Co-founder fit20 Head of Training

The fit20 training is the best way to achieve and maintain a fit, strong and healthy body regardless of your age and fitness level.

Scientifically proven

In 2022, the largest study in the field of exercise science, the fit20 study, was conducted by Solent University in England. Based on anonymous training data from nearly 15,000 fit20 participants, the conclusion of the fit20 study is crystal clear. It has been scientifically proven that everyone, regardless of age, gender, and initial fitness level can become 30 to 50% stronger through fit20 training.

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